Baktun 12

The name of our group comes from a passage in the book ‘The Mayan Factor.’ According to the book, the Mayan calendar is broken up into time periods of 400 years, with each period being a Baktun. The 12th Baktun runs from 1612 to 2012, the time we are living in. Baktun 12 is the culmination of all of this collective energy from the previous 11 Baktuns.

Formed in 1997, Baktun 12 is a collective of performance artists based in East Salinas, The Alisal, California dedicated to presenting the rawest, realest Chicano-flavored street theatre, poetry and hip-hop productions. Utilizing their main assets, the power of words and the heart, the group has developed a loyal fan base throughout the California underground circuit one fan at a time, mainly through word of mouth. Their productions meld urban politics with rhyme skills and guerilla theatre, attacking themes ranging from illegal immigration and education to struggles of the working class. B12 is part of the Education Equity Action Team, Healing-Informed Governing for Racial Equity Action Team, the Justice Reform Action Team, and the Youth Leadership Team.